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arabellesicardi: GO OFF!!!!


GO OFF!!!!

yemme: This is what’s happening in the #DominicanRepublic….


This is what’s happening in the #DominicanRepublic.  This island is using black skin as a reason to deport Haitians & Dominican born blacks of Haitian decent who can’t prove lineage after 1929.  Yes.. 1929!  That’s how far they went back to get dark skinned people out of the country. Get on twitter. #DomincanRepublic #HaitianLivesMatter Spanish speaking Dominican born blacks being exiled.

Black people are being targeted not matter where they are on the Globe.

VICE NEWS from VICE the HBO series was on the ground last night speaking with those at risk. They have made it hard for them to register and even if they do register they are not protected from being deported.

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Real Star Wars fans need to stand up for John Boyega.

Just like the outrage of Rue being black in the Hunger Games, the people who are the angriest, are usually the most uninformed fans of the movie they were watching. Some are misusing their twisted version of the lore, to justify their own racist feelings. Star Wars has people and aliens of different races, so it can be frustrating that people can still have negative reaction to a black guy in a trailer, as if he is not supposed to be there. 

Many so called fans say they arent racist, but are upset because he is a stormtrooper, and he doesn’t look like the Jango Fett clones. Real fans know that Stormtroopers were NOT clones, but normal human beings who were recruited after the empire stopped producing new clones after Episode III. In Star Wars Rebels, which is official canon, has already introduced multiple stormtroopers who are belong to a diverse group of people of all races, including Zare Leonis who is a black man. Plus by the time of Episode VII, the clones who remained would have been dead or elderly. So why so much outrage?

I just hope that John Boyega’s character is not only a lead, but he actually gets with Daisy Ridley’s character and together they make caramel Jedi babies just to piss the racist people off even more.

It is 100% true that Stormtroopers were all clones.

80 years ago, within the movie’s canon. They were a single massive batch of cloned Jengo Fetts who were automatically aged to be about 37. Guess how long cloned armies of a single 37 year old dude last in an interstellar conflict one might label a “Star War”?

The answer is: Not 80+ fucking years.

By the time Luke was an adult the clones that survived were in their biological 70s. And Jengo Fett (like Boba) was just a really awesome normal human. Which means by the time Luke is in his 40s and 50s (or is he 60+ in this one. like Hamill himself?) those clones will be mostly dead and buried with some few living in old soldier nursing homes telling their nurses the same stories of their successes in battle over and over again until they fall face first into their Bantha-Pudding and die of old age.

The clones are dead. It’s like these Star Wars Fanboys have no understanding of what the hell HAPPENED within the movies…

Also Jango Fett himself wasn’t even white. He’s played by a Maori dude (

So clones weren’t even white to begin with.

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Watch: This poetry performance may be the most real representation of pain and privilege you’ll ever see 

full video is worth a watch.

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Salute to the indomitable spirit and formidable grit within the grip of the original woman.
All praises due to the Black woman!

NEVER Forget what they did…

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“A single ACT of courage is stronger than any SYMBOL of fear.” -Carlton Mackey || This morning a free black woman named Bree Newsome took a stand. This single simple act of non violent protest was powerful and direct. She was arrested and the flag was hoisted back up in time for an 11am rally but the ripple in the universe is permanent. #freebree #wefree #getfree #BreeNewsome #goingupyonder #dismantle

And I thought I felt good yesterday. Also, need to find out who got the second picture because DAMN. Also also, need to find out where to contribute to a legal defense fund so we can keep it coming down.

Reblogging for this amazing patriot, and also in hopes that someone will know where to contribute to legal defense.

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#Repost @thedreamdefenders
Nothing like #BlackGirlMagic to start your day! Thank you Bree Newsome and the comrades who help organize this action for your bravery and fierce heroics this morning. #TakeItDown #FreeBree

Photo from @dantebarry


mooseblogtimes: 3 Black Churches burnt in North Carolina,…


3 Black Churches burnt in North Carolina, Georgia and S.Carolina in the past 5 days.

there is no way nobody noticed that

Ok no fuck this.







Ok this? Not cool. Not only do you take a historically significant moment in Black History and use it as a template for your picture, you change the two BLACK MEN holding up the BLACK POWER FIST into WHITE QUEER MEN when you could have just as easily left them as two black men.

Black gay men existblack queer people exist across the spectrum– and it’s bad enough that we’re often sidelined and cast in the shadows of white queer people- especially white gay cis men, who tend to be lifted up as the poster children for the queer movement- and that the LGBT movement is often equated to that of the black rights movement while oftentimes outright IGNORING black queer people and other queer POC, but to outright remove black people- using a visual black symbol of resistance against white supremacy- from a black moment to make this photo just throws it back in our face.

Y’all can keep that shit.

This shit had me soooo tight! I was like really?!?! i coulda really fucked with it if it were still 2 black men..but nah.

white gay men are a whole nother breed of shits

Thing that gets me is the person who created this was called out and kept trying to defend it saying he had originally created it for the Olympics (which is why there’s snow) like that makes it any better.

EXACTLY! That makes it NO better because it’s still black erasure from a black history moment. Even if it wasn’t made specifically for today, it’s beyond poor taste and straight up disrespectful to use it anyway.